"Where Antiquated Products Are Laid To Rest"

Established during the boom of post WWII America, Charles Vandelay built his famous funeral home for the long haul.

Charles was your typical middle american white male. Having served in the war, he was welcomed home by his community and started working at the local bank. 

Charles stayed with the bank for his entire career. 

Charles stayed in his home in his community for his entire career.

Charles' resume was clear, with a path, no gaps, and a name, skin type, age, and background that made sense to most people.

All that ended when the first major product that he used every day died. Then the next. Then the next. Then Charles knew, he would open a funeral home.

The Charles Vandelay Funeral Homes is a wholly owned subsidiary of Before.

Before is a talent matching platform with the mission to end bias in the hiring process.